When you gamble online, it is hard not to get excited when you hear the word “insentif”. Some bonuses are better than others though, and some of the most popular (and best) bonuses you can find is a cashback bonus, as these give you money back on your bets and losses, without any frustrating wagering requirements. Casinos are essentially paying you when you lose. Does this sound interesting? We thought so! Keep reading cashback casino for a complete guide.

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Introduction to Cashback BonusFind Out How to Get Back up to 25% of Your Casino Losses

The name itself says a lot about these types of bonuses, and many players are surprised when they find out how simple the concept of these bonuses are. It is one of those rare cases when something sounds too good to be true, yet it is true! With a cashback bonus, the casino essentially rewards you for your spendings even if you lose your bet.

Nobody likes to lose when you gamble online, and with a cashback insentif programme, you get something similar to an insurance to make sure you’ll get a consolation prize if things don’t go according to plan. The more you play (and lose), the more money you get back from the casino. It is usually not a huge percentage, but it is a lot more than 0.Benefits Both You and the Casino

It can be hard to grasp why a casino would hand out cash to their players without strings (wagering requirements) attached, but there is plenty in it for the gambling site too. These types of offers are a way for casinos to motivate players to stick around after receiving their initial welcome insentif, with the hopes of gamblers continuing to choose their casino over competitors.Rewarding Loyal Casino Players

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Some casinos may give you access to their cashback programme right away, but in other scenarios, you might have to fulfil certain requirements before you become eligible and considered a loyal casino member. Sign up for the casino newsletter if available, and keep an eye on promotions on the website.

Cashback Wagering Requirements?Do Cashback Bonuses Have Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements refer to conditions you need to meet before you can cash out and withdraw your winnings, and many welcome bonuses have these to make sure players don’t just claim their insentif and leave to play somewhere else. These conditions are common, but can be a little annoying.

Here comes the good news! Real cashback bonuses do not have any wagering requirements, and this means that the casino is essentially handing your cash you can spend any way that you like. Since the amounts tend to be small, most online gamblers choose to use their cashback funds to continue playing.

If something is marketed as a cashback bonus but then you find that it comes with wagering requirements, then it isn’t a real cashback bonus and could potentially be a sign of a casino that is less trustworthy, or possibly unaware of what a cashback insentif really is.

Cashback Bonus TypesNot All Cashback Bonuses are the Same

The concept tends to be the same when it comes to cashback bonuses, but some are more elaborate than others! What they have in common is that they give the player a percentage of their losses back, and that there are no wagering requirements There are two typical cashback bonuses you might come across.The typical cashback bonus is very straightforward. When you have lost a certain amount of money, sometimes within a specific time frame, your cashback insentif kicks in and you get a percentage back.Sometimes, casinos may have an upper limit that means you can only receive a maximum amount within a set time frame.

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Cashback bonuses can go under all kinds of names and they might not be called “cashback,” but you should be able to recognize one based on the offer itself. Other bonuses like welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses give you a reward for signing up, depositing or something else, while a cashback insentif refunds a small percentage of your losses.Cashback Bonuses May Be Game Specific

Another difference you might find when looking for cashback bonuses is that some may restrict you to playing a specific game to get a cashback bonus, or it could be reserved for gambling on slots, Blackjack, live casino games or something else. Other cashback bonuses could also apply to all and any games on a site.

We recommend that you read through the the terms and agreements before accepting a insentif like this, to prevent misunderstandings where you might end up playing an ineligible game and get disappointed when you don’t get the expected cashback.

Can Cashback Bonus Money Be Withdrawn?Can Cashback Bonus Money Be Withdrawn?

In many cases, the cashback bonus you get from an online casino can be withdrawn, since it doesn’t come with wagering requirements. However, some casinos may work a little differently, where the insentif money can only be used for casino play. The money is still yours and can be used for anything within the online cashback casino casino, but cannot be withdrawn.

Cashback Bonuses with Other Active BonusesActivate Cashback Bonuses with Other Active Bonuses

If there is a cashback insentif offer, then chances are the casino also has other bonuses available for new and returning players. What happens if you activate your cashback insentif—can you still take advantage of other insentif offers, or the other way around? This is something to consider before accepting a VIP acara with cashback.

At casinos where you can only activate one bonus at a time, check if you can activate and deactivate bonuses at your convenience. If that is the case, then you can always temporarily deactivate your cashback bonus in order to activate another.

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There are also times when you need to consider how much each bonus can benefit you, to help make the decision. Cashback bonuses continue giving under a long period of time, and are often more beneficial to the player than a welcome deposit bonus, as welcome bonuses tend to be one-time offers with tricky wagering requirements.

Pros & ConsCasino Cashback Bonus Pros & Cons

Every casino player cashback casino wants good casino bonuses, and there is a lot of good to say about cashback rewards. But, when it comes down to it, how can you know if it’s the right thing for you or if you are making a mistake by activating one? Cashback bonuses are some of the most straight-forward casino rewards out there, but it is still smart to compare the advantages and the disadvantages.

Here is a list of some of the top pros and cons associated with cashback bonuses. As you can see, the pros greatly outweigh the cons in this situation, and cashback casino bonuses are generally a great option for players to get money back on their gambling losses.

ProsCashback bonuses have no wagering requirements.Free money without any hidden strings.Great way to gamble for longer.Receive appreciation for your loyalty.

ConsCould increase the risk of gambling addictionMay only be available to VIP gamblers.Might cancel out another active insentif.

Cashback Bonus TipsTips to Make Sure You Never Miss a Cashback Bonus

Interestingly, cashback bonuses aren’t always announced on casino websites, or at least not on the landing page the way you might have seen welcome bonuses plastered. They are, however, listed somewhere, and you need to make sure you don’t miss out on a great opportunity when you are gambling online.